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New Animation Festival!

2017-01-11 11:22:22 by Michael-T-Scott

In the Denver area? Not in the Denver area? It doesn't matter. Dig this:

Spending another Friday night sorting your loose change? Put your dreams of fortune and glory on hold and come on down to The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganzahttp://www.DenverAnimationFest.com

Bearver C. Rogers hosts Denver’s very own animation festival featuring 30 animated shorts from around the globe! Places you’ve possibly heard of like Germany, Israel, Spain, New York, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Los Angeles, Ireland, France, and Colorado Springs!

Making appearances to rap with Bearver are animation directors Bill Plympton, Debra Solomon, Ross Bollinger, Sabrina Cotugno, Graham Annable, Jake Armstrong, Joy + Noelle, Eoin Duffy, Yotam Perel, Kent Welling, Nacho Rodriguez, Brandon & Lisa Ray, and Tammy Chang.

Proceeds benefit Safehouse Denver. http://www.safehouse-denver.org

If you can find something better to do let us know! We’d like to come along.



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2017-01-11 11:44:09

looks interesting!
I mean I live nowhere near Denver, but it's nice :3

Michael-T-Scott responds:

And that's all I can ask for: It hopefully doesn't look like garbage. :)


2017-01-11 13:54:32

Oooh, I live in the area, will have to check it out this year knowing there's so many NG peeps involved.

(Updated ) Michael-T-Scott responds:

We'd love to have ya! Come on down! https://m.facebook.com/events/1840887109481775


2017-01-11 15:34:48

I popped it on the front page calendar, cool to see so many NG people appearing there!

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Thanks so much, Tom! Truly appreciated!


2017-01-11 23:26:24

Oh cool! I live in the area and adore animation so you can be sure that I'll be there

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Come on over!
And feel free to let anyone you think might be interested know about it as well: https://m.facebook.com/events/1840887109481775


2017-01-15 00:27:28

i live near Denver i will go

Michael-T-Scott responds:

It'll be a feast for the eyes!
Tell yer friends! https://m.facebook.com/events/1840887109481775


2017-02-12 07:25:58

Is it okay some people to come who don't live in Denver? (Actually, I am middle school Korean)

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Anyone that wants to and is able to make it is welcome!