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Influenced by SCTV, Late 80's/early 90's Saturday Night Live & Letterman, Muppets, Beatles, and cereal. This is the result.

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Social Assasin in HD

Posted by Michael-T-Scott - October 9th, 2011

Just in case you want to see a very simple animation in mind-blowing HD! Thoughts, comments, anecdotes, and/or recipes are welcome.

Social Assasin in HD

Comments (3)

This was pretty good, actually. XD

You are an awesome writer, my good man!

I've come across your stuff before and always wanted to know where you learn to write the stuff what you do?

Are you a professional writer in the real world or something?

I'm gonna re-watch some of your toons and hopefully some of your talent will seep into my brain by osmosis. Or something.

Hey, thanks for the flattering compliments!

I started writing something that resembled sketches in-and-around the mid 90's when I was in my teens. In the early part of the last decade I started taking it a bit more seriously and made a decision to pay attention to the structure, flow and overall ideas of what I was creating. I took note of many great influences along the way and how they did it (SCTV, SNL from the early days and the mid-80's/early 90's, Second City, etc.) to guide what I was trying to do.

Ideas can come from anywhere: Life experiences, conversation, while washing dishes (or yourself), or you just want to make fun of something you come across on the TV that you think is ridiculous. So you just make notes, write down your ideas, then let them take shape. Some ideas need very little nurturing while others you come back to over time and mold and chisel at them like a sculpture.

The fact you've mistaken me for a professional is a great compliment that I take great pride in. My advice is to just pay attention to the world around you and just create things that make YOU happy. Don't write for anyone else because, as Ricky Nelson put it, "You can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself." Some people have no problem creating material that's meant to please a mass audience, that's not me. I make what I want and if others like it, then that's wonderful. If they don't, oh well. I'm not going to shun popularity, I'm just not going out of my way to have it.

Much luck with your material and thanks again for appreciating mine!


I enjoyed Social Assassin