Insta-Mas: Christmas in a Box

2012-11-17 18:01:39 by Michael-T-Scott

Is it too soon to make a Christmas cartoon? Honestly, I don't care. This was an idea I wrote several years back and came across it again recently. I think it fits with this being my first Christmas not being close to any family. As usual, enjoy or don't.


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2012-11-17 19:38:01

I like your voice acting


2012-11-28 20:03:57

So, no new Christmas/Apocalypse cartoon this year? Guess were both hosed... sorry you can't be around the family this holiday :( Thanks for the entertainment old man; really do appreciate it!

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Nah, timely topics aren't so much my thing, but I guess it wouldn't matter since our time would be up soon enough, right? I already have the idea for next year's Christmas-themed piece, so hopefully it'll be as well-received as this one has been.

And don't worry about the non-family thing. I needed a break after 35 years. ;)