News On Our Phil Hartman Project

2013-05-21 10:15:58 by Michael-T-Scott

We've received quite a bit of press on our recent news that we're producing an animated film featuring Phil Hartman. You can check all the news out here.

If you're a fan of Phil's (or are just curious about the project), be a fan of the film's Facebook page and get exclusive production updates and rare never-before-seen or heard material from Phil Hartman.

Thanks for everyone's support. All of us are really excited to make this happen!

News On Our Phil Hartman Project


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2013-05-21 11:23:17

Lot of hype on that project! I don't even know who Phil Hartman is/was, guess I should get to researching...

Michael-T-Scott responds:

That's one of the reasons I feel the need to pass the word on. People may not know about Phil off-hand, but I think they'd be surprised at how much they actually DO know about him. Here's his IMDB page to give you an idea:


2013-05-21 12:36:03

Now I want to revisit Blasto to hear that sweet voice. OH PHIL, why did you have to go?

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Agreed. We all miss him as well which is why we're bringing him back one more time for everyone to enjoy. :)


2013-05-21 17:35:45

how nice!


2013-06-08 18:11:52

This is fucking awesome, I love Phil Hartman, Definitely in my top 5 if not top 3 SNL cast members. I remember when I first heard his voice I didn't even know who he was, but I will never forget what he said "Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember from such films as . . .", and then later still not knowing who he was, I discovered a certain captain on Pee-Wee's Playhouse. So, when is the film going to be ready, and exactly how big is it going to be, are we talking theatrical release big or only dvd release big.

Michael-T-Scott responds:

We're aiming for more than straight-to-video. There'll be more announcements made in the coming months about development that we all think animation lovers in-particular will appreciate. I'll be posting up all those updates here as they happen. So keep your eyes to the ground and ears open.