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TONIGHT: Denver Animation Festival!

2017-07-06 22:24:17 by Michael-T-Scott


Tomorrow night The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganza returns for a screening at The Sie FilmCenter July 7th! Tickets now available!

Universally beloved [citation needed] animated character Bearver C. Rogers hosts Denver’s very own animation festival featuring 32 animated shorts from around the globe! Places you’ve possibly heard of like Germany, Israel, Spain, New York, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Los Angeles, Ireland, France, and Colorado Springs!

Making appearances to rap with Bearver are animation directors Bill PlymptonDebra SolomonRoss BollingerSabrina Cotugno, Graham AnnableJake ArmstrongJoy + NoelleEoin DuffyYotam Perel, Kent Leon WellingNacho RodríguezBrandon & Lisa Ray, and Tammy Chang. (Guests are IN the show, not AT it.)

A portion of the proceeds benefits SafeHouse Denver, Inc. 

(Contains mature content. I.E. "naughty language" and "visuals of naughty extremities" and "naughty cartoon violence.")



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2017-07-07 00:37:11

Is Denver Animation Festival a festival that see the animations that everyone in the Newgrounds made?

Michael-T-Scott responds:

There's a healthy sprinkling of Newgrounds artists featured in the program. A majority of the animation and artists shown are in the industry on various levels.