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Phil Hartman Charity Auction Going on NOW!

2012-02-11 20:06:06 by Michael-T-Scott

Currently running is an auction I've organized to help benefit Heal the Bay and gain support for helping the late Phil Hartman receive a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. The auction is for a one-of-a-kind Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer plush doll, which comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Phil's brother Paul.

The doll was created by Leeanna Butcher.

Click here to take a gander or two at the auction!

You can hear more about how this came about in the following video. Please feel free to share with friends or "friends". Thanks for your time!

Phil Hartman Charity Auction

2012-01-27 11:17:07 by Michael-T-Scott

Something special that I hope you'll share and support. Thanks!

Milty the Snowman

2011-12-08 19:37:59 by Michael-T-Scott

One of the first cartoons I made about 4 years ago... Now in H-DEEEEEEEE!

Indictment Burger

2011-11-23 16:13:52 by Michael-T-Scott

New 'Lazy Chef' Cartoon!

2011-11-04 12:15:31 by Michael-T-Scott

In eye-boggling H-Deeeeeeeeeee!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

New 'Lazy Chef' Cartoon!

Social Assasin in HD

2011-10-09 08:58:39 by Michael-T-Scott

Just in case you want to see a very simple animation in mind-blowing HD! Thoughts, comments, anecdotes, and/or recipes are welcome.

Social Assasin in HD


Happy Birthday, Phil Hartman!

In case you missed it the other day....

There's going to be two more "Killer Whale" animations made. That's basically fair warning more so than a "Coming Soon!".

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