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We've received quite a bit of press on our recent news that we're producing an animated film featuring Phil Hartman. You can check all the news out here.

If you're a fan of Phil's (or are just curious about the project), be a fan of the film's Facebook page and get exclusive production updates and rare never-before-seen or heard material from Phil Hartman.

Thanks for everyone's support. All of us are really excited to make this happen!

News On Our Phil Hartman Project

Very honored to be a part of bringing Phil Hartman back for the planet to enjoy once again. Everyone at Worker Studio is thrilled beyond proper description!

Here's the press release:

http://www.prlog.org/12129685-phil-hartmans-flat -tv-comedy-album-being-developed-as-animated-fil m.html

We're Bringing Phil Hartman Back!

Stupid Day Job

2013-01-17 13:46:39 by Michael-T-Scott

My friend Anthony Houde over at Vakavadesigns has agreed to have his extremely creative work featured on my YouTube channel. Here's one of his more popular pieces. Enjoy! (Or don't... Don't let me tell you what to do.)

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So this is my fifth William "Humpty" Dumpty cartoon (not counting the Facebook, Birthday and his appearance in a Christmas cartoon). Loosely based on my first experience at a Build-A-Bear workshop.

Also, if you're looking for voice talent for a project, contact me privately and I'll be happy to help you out (yes, for free). But first, take a listen to a demo or two and decide if I may be right for you.

Thanks and happy bidding!

Happy Birthday from Humpty Dumpty

2012-12-01 21:06:39 by Michael-T-Scott

So two things that made this come together:

A.) I'm currently working on a new "Humpty Dumpty" cartoon.

B.) When a friend's birthday arrives, I usually e-mail or post some birthday-related video on Facebook (Elvis, Beatles, Garfield, Three Stooges, Stevie Wonder, etc.) and wanted something from me instead of something routine.

It only took a day to finish from writing to completed animation, but I wanted to make something amusing that I - and others, obviously - could pass on to friends to give them a smile, chuckle, or disappointment on their birthday. For me, the other stuff just wasn't cutting it. So here it is, a birthday greeting from Humpty Dumpty (my version of the character, of course) that we can all use for shitz and gigglez:

Is it too soon to make a Christmas cartoon? Honestly, I don't care. This was an idea I wrote several years back and came across it again recently. I think it fits with this being my first Christmas not being close to any family. As usual, enjoy or don't.

Talkin' Shit

2012-11-03 14:49:22 by Michael-T-Scott

Maybe birds think they're doing us a favor?

So having lived in the southeastern portion of the U.S. for the past 24 years, I was pretty much miserable with my surroundings. Not having any reason to live there anymore, I sold the house, the furniture, and packed the rest up and moved further west (Colorado, to be exact).

Having left physically was a great feeling, but mentally there was much lingering inside. So to give a fond farewell (AKA: "Middle Finger") to where I lived for the past near-quarter-century, I made this cartoon. I think I've gotten all my emotions out.

Enjoy or don't.

It's a well-known secret that I released two comedy CD's. The first one consisted of material I turned into my first DVD, while the second one was pretty much made just for an audible experience. The Jim Panzee and Friends Funtime Radio Hour satirizes the radio programs of the 1930's and 40's by telling the history of a fictional children's program. For those that enjoy the safe-haven of political correctness, this project isn't for you. For the rest of you, feel free to sample it for yourself.

The Jim Panzee and Friends Funtime Radio Hour

The "Lazy Chef" sketches typically don't have any outside influence when they're written. This particular episode is actually based off a demonstration a classmate gave in a speech class (although he did have the materials with him). This was our final speech for the class and was supposed to last 10-12 minutes. Needless to say, he didn't do well. I think he thought offering the teacher an ice cream float was bribery enough to get a passing grade.