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New Animation Festival!

2017-01-11 11:22:22 by Michael-T-Scott

In the Denver area? Not in the Denver area? It doesn't matter. Dig this:

Spending another Friday night sorting your loose change? Put your dreams of fortune and glory on hold and come on down to The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganzahttp://www.DenverAnimationFest.com

Bearver C. Rogers hosts Denver’s very own animation festival featuring 30 animated shorts from around the globe! Places you’ve possibly heard of like Germany, Israel, Spain, New York, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Los Angeles, Ireland, France, and Colorado Springs!

Making appearances to rap with Bearver are animation directors Bill Plympton, Debra Solomon, Ross Bollinger, Sabrina Cotugno, Graham Annable, Jake Armstrong, Joy + Noelle, Eoin Duffy, Yotam Perel, Kent Welling, Nacho Rodriguez, Brandon & Lisa Ray, and Tammy Chang.

Proceeds benefit Safehouse Denver. http://www.safehouse-denver.org

If you can find something better to do let us know! We’d like to come along.


A Christmas Guide

2014-12-25 13:05:02 by Michael-T-Scott

Christmas is here and can be overwhelming what with all the good tidings, yuletide and unwatned family company. So here's a little something to get you through the season. 



Killer Whales: Episode 5

2014-10-26 14:11:16 by Michael-T-Scott

One of the things I tell first-dates is that it's OK if I pick them up at their home instead of meeting them at a restaurant or other meeting spot. Why? Because I drive a Prius. They should feel safe because you never hear of a Prius owner that's a murderer.


Well, I turned this into the idea for the latest "Killer Whales: Confessions." Hope you enjoy this one as well as the song "Death by Fuel Economy" at the end.




Zombie Zealot

2014-04-06 12:57:47 by Michael-T-Scott

I've never been a fan of the whole 'zombie' craze and I don't do material that has a short shelf life (e.g. pop culture or parodies... Those are just too easy). So I wanted to see if I could take a subject I think is played out and put an original view on it. I came up with the idea of a religious zombie. Has it been done before? I don't know, I don't keep up with this shit, but I made something with a popular subject and didn't want to lock myself in an oven while I was making this. I hope you enjoy.


Here's the kind folks that helped on this (including me):


With Michael T. Scott: https://twitter.com/MikeyTScott

Natasha Gleichmann: https://twitter.com/ahsataN4Life

Character design by John Varvir: https://twitter.com/the_varvs

Co-written by Sam Rubin: http://sammichfixins.tumblr.com

And Jerry Mathers as "The Beaver."


Gregory Goat: Angry M.D.

2013-10-12 15:47:31 by Michael-T-Scott

Worked with a couple of fun artists on this one. Backgrounds and Gregory's design by Jami Cardwell (http://jami-c.tumblr.com/) and all other character designs by John Varvir (http://rivrav.tumblr.com/). I wanted a background style reminiscent of the old UPA cartoons and think Jami delivered beautifully.

Fun facts:
- Gregory is based on a former co-worker. A peach of a gal with some... Temperament issues.
- "St. Travis Medical" is named after the late Travis the Chimp.
- Gregory yells Al Pacino's great line from Heatin Italian.

Hope you enjoy another conversation with an incarcerated orca.

So for the past year my YouTube channel has been under contract with a network. Thanks to their neglect, the channel suffered and I pretty much went on strike, not putting up any new material. Yesterday, that contract ran out and now I'm back to bring life into the channel once again. So come on by, kick some tires, maybe TP the front yard, but feel free to pass it along and subscribe if you like the brand of junk I'm pushing.

Thanks for the support, gang!

We've received quite a bit of press on our recent news that we're producing an animated film featuring Phil Hartman. You can check all the news out here.

If you're a fan of Phil's (or are just curious about the project), be a fan of the film's Facebook page and get exclusive production updates and rare never-before-seen or heard material from Phil Hartman.

Thanks for everyone's support. All of us are really excited to make this happen!

News On Our Phil Hartman Project

Very honored to be a part of bringing Phil Hartman back for the planet to enjoy once again. Everyone at Worker Studio is thrilled beyond proper description!

Here's the press release:

http://www.prlog.org/12129685-phil-hartmans-flat -tv-comedy-album-being-developed-as-animated-fil m.html

We're Bringing Phil Hartman Back!

Stupid Day Job

2013-01-17 13:46:39 by Michael-T-Scott

My friend Anthony Houde over at Vakavadesigns has agreed to have his extremely creative work featured on my YouTube channel. Here's one of his more popular pieces. Enjoy! (Or don't... Don't let me tell you what to do.)

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